Live a Full and Robust Life
Christina Bruni


My vision is to uplift and inspire peers to take action to achieve your goals.

I'm an activist focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle through "fitness" — an organic approach that encompasses thoughts and feelings, nutrition, finances, spirituality, and career and relationships, etc. as well physical activity.

Recovery has been verified in research as achievable.

My vision is that each of us can achieve our own version of well.

This is what I call having "a full and robust life."

Won't you join me in advocating for recovery for everyone?

Left of the Dial is now available in a print and Kindle e-book version.


About The Author

Christina Bruni Author

Christina Bruni is the author of Left of the Dial, one of the most uplifting and inspiring mental health memoirs. She has been in remission over 23 years and is a motivational speaker who cheers on peers to dare dream that a better life is possible. Yes you can she champions.

She contributed a chapter, "Recovery is Within Reach," to Benessere Psicologico: Contemporary Thought on Italian American Mental Health. She is the Bruni in the City columnist for New York City Voices, where she writes about life, love and the perfect macaroons to be had in the big city.

For nine years Bruni was employed as the Health Guide at HealthCentral's schizophrenia website. She has been employed over 15 years as a public service librarian. In June 2000 Bruni obtained a Masters in Library and Information science from Pratt Institute.

She firmly believes that you don't have to experience near-endless hell and heartache before you can get better. You can get better quickly when you get the right treatment right away.

Bruni is available for author appearances. You can contact her at

As well as a writer, she is an artist and a fitness buff. Her motto is: "Go for the Gold!"

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Left of the Dial

Left of the Dial is now available in print and as a Kindle e-book
"The stigma of schizophrenia is fading as research and first-person accounts of this serious mental disorder continue to verify that recovery is possible. Christina Bruni, an author and mental health advocate, made a full recovery from schizophrenia. She chronicles both her severe illness and her recovery in her unique and spell-binding book, “Left of the Dial.”

Recovery from schizophrenia has been documented as attainable by researchers who are using evidence-based, person-centered treatment and supportive services that enable people with this disorder to gain control over their symptoms, set realistic goals and reach their dreams for a normal life.

Reading Christina Bruni’s book will give the reassurance, motivation, and map for all those suffering from schizophrenia‒and their families‒for getting on the road to recovery. This road has many potholes and bumps, but the sunshine will light your passage if you remember that persistence is the path to least failure!"

Robert Paul Liberman, M.D., Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine, Director, UCLA Psych REHAB Program, Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior

Left of the Dial is the uplifting and inspiring account of what happened after I had a breakdown, kicked the illness to the curb, and decided to live my life Left of the Dial.

In the 1980s, I was a disc jockey at WSIA, 88.9 FM, a college radio station that broadcast left of the commercial end of the FM dial. In New York City, that's below 92.3 FM.

As a disc jockey, you read the VU meter to see the level of the intensity of the sound. If the needle veers to the right in the red, it's too loud. The sound is in balance when the needle is on the left. That's where I choose to live: Left of the Dial.

I'm here to cheer you on that you can live a life in balance too: a life of joy and satisfaction regardless of the challenge you might face.

Left of the Dial is the drumbeat for doing your own thing.

Make donuts, sculpt, write fiction, be a CEO, ride the rails in Italy. Do whatever gives you joy.

I champion living creatively, joyously, passionately because normal's overrated.

The definition of normal is average or conforming to a standard. Why be average when you can set the world on fire with your talents?

Left of the Dial signals you don't have to become a tax accountant if what you really want to do is sing in a folk band. Or you can crunch numbers by day and sing your heart out at night.

You can recover yourself along with your mental health.

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Book Reviews

Read early praise for Left of the Dial.

Book Review

Read early praise for Left of the Dial.

  • Left of the Dial describes a journey of reclamation. Its narrative culminates into a surprise success ending making it an inspirational guide as well as a primer for those dealing with mental issues and for their families. At times heartbreaking, at other times funny, but always from the heart, Bruni's use of dialogue and idiosyncratic detail results in a lively and a profound read.

    - Judith Carrington, Chair Media & Advocacy Group, NAMI-NYC Metro
  • Left of the Dial is a testament to the human spirit and at the same time a page turner, deftly and skillfully written and unabashedly honest. This is the memoir of a warrior with a formidable foe against whom she must always do battle. Bruni was determined that her life not be stolen from her. She is now helping others to take back their lives and realize their dreams." --

    - Rosalind Palermo Stevenson, author of Kafka at Rudolf Steiner's, Insect Dreams and The Absent
  • Left of the Dial is a powerful and unforgettable memoir of her success in forging a life in the face of schizophrenia. Bruni is a talented writer and activist, and this combined with her unflinching honesty and courage, has resulted in a book that opens the door of understanding to the lay person, for a close-up view of daily life with schizophrenia's onset, symptoms, setbacks, stigma and treatment. Her book deserves a wide readership.

    - Gil Fagiani, LCSW, author of Serfs of Psychiatry
  • Christina Bruni's Left of the Dial describes her struggles, achievements, determination and perseverance. Despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia, she weathers the storm, and fights her way through it, earning a masters degree, working full-time as a professional librarian, and becoming a writer and award-winning mental health advocate, using her experiences to aid others. From the outside looking in, her illness is hidden behind her makeup and clothes, but inside she battles with stigma and searches for recognition, love and acceptance. Her story is one of courage. I congratulate Bruni on what she's accomplished in life and enjoyed her insights and triumphs sewn into her story.

    - Sandra Yuen MacKay, author of My Schizophrenic Life: The Road to Recovery from Mental Illness

Mission Statement

As a mental health activist, I have the vision to help peers lead full and robust lives.

My values are treating other people with dignity, creating health and wealth and happiness for myself and other peers, and embracing the original traits that make me and others our true selves.

I value relationships and see the uniqueness of the individual as part of the whole picture. I'm committed to the wellness of those I serve by helping others develop strategies to live life well and whole in an organic way.

Here are the 10 bedrock values that inspire my mission:

  1. Living a full and robust life is a goal that is within reach.
  2. Taking action to achieve your goals is possible with the right support and treatment.
  3. Getting off the SSI dole can allow you to have a better life than you thought possible.
  4. Doing the things that give you joy and satisfaction can reduce the impact of your disability.
  5. Persisting in taking action will help you achieve your goals even though you’re going through a hard time.
  6. Acting true to yourself is the best way to succeed in life.
  7. Getting the right treatment right away can totally stop symptoms or minimize their effect on your life.
  8. Creating an open, honest two-way dialogue with your treatment providers is the best way to get effective treatment.
  9. Firing a doctor or other professional who practices "cookie cutter" or "one-size-fits-all" treatment might be necessary.
  10. Researching available treatment options to discover what option is best for you at this time is your right and duty as a user of medical services.