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Audio recorded at Bluestockings November 2010
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Christina Bruni

Left of the Dial, my uplifting and inspiring memoir, will be published in 2015. I hope to have pre-order pages up on Internet booksellers in December of this year. An e-book version will be available as well.

Stay tuned for information about my mental health self-help book: Flourish: 9 Strategies to Thrive with a Mental Health Challenge.

You can hear me reading an excerpt from Left of the Dial at Bluestockings Bookstore with the audio link on the left. It takes four minutes to download and in that time you'll see a white screen. I read in a dramatic and expressive way.

Webinar News

I will soon be conducting webinars on a number-one strategy to use to live life well in recovery. I've created a WordPress blog devoted exclusively to the content of the webinars.

I will talk about topics in my mental health recovery book Live Life Well.

For details, click on the Webinar Blog link on the left.

I'm excited to start this new approach to self-help in recovery.

Pour yourself a mug of coffee, pull up a chair and be my guest here.

Christina Bruni